Wednesday, 14 August 2013

kambi audio talk Latest Kambi Chechi Phone Audio

New kambi chechi from Thirur talking kambi audio talk in mobile phone . kambi phone talking is now common .Audio recording of kambi phone calls is now not a rare case. Commonly most of the malayalam kambi phone call at the reasonable time of the kambi chechi the recording software also now very simple to download a. kambi aunty malayalam kochu varthamanam now available in MP3 extension Mp3 extension will provide you the simple kambi audio download

Kambi audio oF Kambi Boy 
Kambi Audio Kambi Call

Latest kambi Audio Talk  Trend in Malayalam Kambi Phone talk

New kambi chechis are selection a different way to record the kambi audio. Some of them selection an android application for the recording of malayalam kambi audio. Some of them using Computer related high end audio recording systems for the kambi phone audio MP3 recording

Malayalam Kambi audio Phone calls

Kochu varthamana in phone during the night time is only for the kambi talk . some of them using banana or small bottle for the pleasure of kambi talk is very interesting subject for the college students because theu are more curious about the malayalam kambi Talk and recording